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When Is TheChange Gone Come?

Beyond The 

The inspiration for this song came from a dear friend Kim Stewart. We had many discussions about the injustices in this country. We watched the many protests and murders of people of color after the death of George Floyd. She informed me she was about to release an app called “Beyond the Protests”. I was then led in my spirit to write this song. What we are witnessing is the battle for the soul of this nation. I’ve seen this battle not only over the past two years, but throughout my lifetime. I’ve listened to Martin Luther King’s speech so many times. “I have a dream”. The words I always recall are “Let Freedom Ring”, but as I watched the death of George Floyd on national television and so many others, I’ve wondered when is the change gone come! My prayer is this song touches the hearts of all that hear it. We must understand God is no respecter of person’s. He loves us all, that’s why he sent his Son to die for us all. He also gave the Holy Spirit to us all, to lead us into all righteousness. So no matter our color, whether we are red, yellow, black or white. God’s love is colorblind. That’s why loving him is the key that opens the door to equality. We must get “Beyond the Protests”